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Wildly Aligned

Jessica Gray

Wildly Aligned is for mums who are ready to DISRUPT the narrative and integrate their whole authentic wild self into all areas of their life. The mums who are ready fo more- more magic, more connection, more peace and more clarity.

I'm your host Jessica Gray, and I help mums rewrite their stories, redefine their identity, re-wild themselves, and live a life in alignment with their purpose.

Pour a cup of your favourite drink and sit back as we delve into: being authentically you, ditching disempowering stories, conscious parenting, connected relationships, slow living, and so much more.

Jessica brings a mix of solo-casts and guest episodes with real stories, inspiring transformations, and honest and raw conversations to help you shift your mindset on your journey to a life by your design, not by default.

The world changes when women step into their power and own their innate wisdom. Let's collectively raise consciousness together.

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